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What is Hemp and where does it come from?

Extracts that are derived from the hemp plant. This is the same plant that farmers have been growing for hundreds of years to make rope. Some rope is still made today with hemp. Luckily over the past few years new research has revisited the hemp plant.

This research has found that oils from the hemp plant have an all natural property that relieves pain in our joints and muscles. The oil is removed from the plant using food grade ethanol, that is derived from corn and other grains, to wash out the oil.

After the purification process to remove the ethanol, we have a 100% all natural product. We blend this product with other, all natural, ingredients to make CBDMAX Hemp based products.

Farm Direct Hemp products delivered to your door 

Our products are made using Hemp oil from our plants grown locally right here in Oklahoma. 


We combine Hemp Extracts with a variety of Essential oils and nut oils to produce a product that tackles muscle and joint discomfort in a variety of ways.  Select the Shop Now button to read more on how each of our ingredients can help you.


We carefully choose the most trusted brands of ingredients to formulate our products.  Please email us from the contact us tab if you have any questions on how CBDMAX can help you with your healthy life style.  

Maximum Quality 

From Seed To Ship our products are hand crafted in house with the utmost care for maximum quality. We use all natural ingredients mixed with our locally grown and extracted Hemp oil.  


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