Hemp Extract Full or Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum Hemp extract are they the choice for you. Within the last 15 years, hemp oil has gone from an unknown taboo substance more Often associated with stoners and thuggery. Today it is high class secret, but it’s quickly garnering the attention of the beauty, body builders, fitness. Its benefits and versatility as a modern-day supplement are captivating. But the lingo is murder, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and a thousand other choices who can keep up. 

The choice

I’m going to break the choices in to two primary fields. Full spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extract. This is the extracted oil from the flower petal of the Cannabis sativa plant. (Yes, for all the plant science people out there, it’s not actually a petal but this is hemp 101, get over it.) 

This is different than the hemp seed oil, I will go over that later so you don’t get hoodwinked.

While broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp oil both contain a multitude of compounds, there is a slight difference between the two. Let’s start with full spectrum oil since everything is full spectrum till the guys in the lab start doing their thing. 

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? 

By definition, full spectrum hemp oil contains all the components that naturally wash out during primary extraction. Okay extraction is kind of a scary word. Do not worry, all it means is this is the of the flower petals dissolved using some type of solvent. CBDMAX.com used 200 proof food grade Ethanol. The same stuff that you order at the town bar. Okay we use the really good stuff but Ethanol all the same. 

What’s in the extraction? 

 These components include: 

  •     Phytocannabinoids – including 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 
  •     Flavonoids 
  •     Terpenes 
  •     Fatty acids 
  •     Phenolic compounds 

In order for hemp oil to be considered “full spectrum”, the phytochemical profile must be the same as the plant. No alterations can be made during the extraction process. This means that phytocannabinoids like THC (which naturally exists in the hemp plant) will be present in the final product.  

While this may be alarming for some people. Don’t panic, it’s important to know that the hemp plant contains only trace amounts of THC — which means 0.3% or less, guaranteed. This amount of THC will not enough to cause a psychoactive effect. In fact, combining these phytocannabinoids and other hemp compounds creates the “entourage effect” and when phytochemicals work synergistically, they are often more effective. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Benefits 

Although scientific evidence is lacking regarding the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil. There is no longer any question that there are benefits. Main stream researchers are still not willing to promote Hemp due the fact of the Preconceived bias against it. Few studies that have been done to date. Those that have, showcase full spectrum hemp oil as being potentially helpful. In fact, they show that full spectrum hemp oil promotes a calming effect, supports normal emotional balance, and helps support joint flexibility and mobility among many other benefits. As for anecdotal evidence, pet owners attest to full spectrum hemp oil’s ability to assist in a variety of issues. Check out our reviews to see what the customers of CBDMAX.com have said about their experiences with hemp extract oils! 

Here is a great book about hemp is The Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Environmental, Commercial, and Medicinal Uses of the World’s Most Extraordinary Plant by Rowan Robinson the book is about Hemp and it’s physical and medical uses 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Other Animals;  

Amazingly, studies typically do not show any adverse effects when using full spectrum hemp oil. And, the overall safety profile of full spectrum hemp oil seems well tolerated for humans and dogs alike. As for our other furry friends, more studies will be needed. Due to the fact that each animal’s biological makeup is different, some animals are more sensitive than others to certain phytocannabinoids. In fact, some animals may do better with broad spectrum hemp oil, which leads us to our next question: What does broad spectrum hemp oil mean? 

What is Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil?  

In truth, there is no definitive definition for the phrase “broad spectrum hemp oil.” In fact, “broad spectrum” originated from within the CBD industry. It all started when CBD manufacturers discovered they could successfully remove all trace amounts of THC from their final hemp oil product, thus creating broad spectrum hemp oil. The phytochemical profile of broad-spectrum hemp oil includes all the same things like; 

  •     An array of phytocannabinoids, minus any trace amounts of THC (meaning 0.0% THC) 
  •     Terpenes 
  •     Flavonoids 
  •     Fatty acids 
  •     Phenolic compounds  

Hemp oil, labeled as “broad spectrum”, the phytochemical profile is the same. Except only the THC can be removed from the phytochemical profile.profile during extraction. This means broad spectrum hemp oil has everything that full spectrum hemp oil contains, but without any trace amounts of THC. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Benefits  

Broad spectrum hemp oil will offer the same entourage effect that’s linked to full spectrum hemp oil. While we know that THC contains benefits some necessary for humans for the hemp extract oils to work as well as they can. That “entourage effect” is real, it appears using a broad-spectrum extract oil is less than encouraging as using the full spectrum oil but we all have jobs. Some employers still drug test for THC as part of their drug use policy. As of yet, I have not known anyone to fail a drug test from using a full spectrum oil as a topical. I have known people who use a full spectrum extract as a tenure to fail drug test and that’s the primary reason for broad spectrum extracts. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats 

As for our beloved pets turns out they are much more sensitive to THC’s psychoactive effects than humans are. Scientist think that this is primarily because they contain more receptor cells in their brains than humans.  

Removing THC may give pet owners peace of mind, but full spectrum hemp oil contains only trace amounts – less than 0.3% THC. Hemp that contains greater than 0.3% THC is not legal to be sold in retail pet stores. Products made from plants containing more than the 0.3% should not be given to dogs and cats except under the strict guidance of their veterinarian. If you are starting a pet on a hemp extract for pets like Hemp K9 or the branded product, CBDMAX K9 Remember every pet reacts and responds to hemp extracts differently. Go easy the first few times till pet adjust to the hemp extracts.  

While the fear of THC toxicity is not present in broad spectrum hemp oil, it can be tough to determine the best broad spectrum hemp oil for dogs, cats, and other pets. Since it contains no potential psychoactive compounds, yet still contains the higher levels of the other great phytocannabinoids. 


some hemp companies place the term “broad spectrum” on the labels of their hemp oils. This is compounded when they actually do contain trace amounts of THC, or no Hemp extracts at all. I.e. (Remember the hemp seed oil I was talking about). This is why it’s imperative to seek out reputable hemp companies. Businesses like CBDMAX.com have their lab test results and COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) available for you. This makes it easy to do your own research prior to purchasing.  

Full Spectrum vs. broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. Listed here are some questions to focus on as you decide. Regardless which hemp company you choose, you are going to spend your hard-Earned money. You should choose the highest quality you can get for the best price.     

  • What’s the phytocannabinoid content? 
  • Full spectrum, allows you the highest levels of phytocannabinoids 
  • Broad spectrum, most company’s strip out many if not all of the phytocannabinoids  
  • What other ingredients are in your broad-spectrum hemp oil? 
  • I.e., Hemp seed oil (wait for it) 
  •  How often do you test your broad-spectrum hemp oils? 
  • If they tell you it is anything less than every batch. Run away. (It’s probably not tested) 
  •   What’s the recommended dosage? 
  • This is where the government likes to stick their nose in. Truthfully, for the customer it would be better if the hemp company could give you some guidance. Because the laws in the United States, were written to protect the high profits of the big pharmacy companies. It is actually against the law for them to give you a recommended dosage. 
  • My recommendation is to read about dosage and uses for hemp extracts. There are many books out that can give you guidance.

As for your pet 

Whether your pet is a hemp oil veteran or just starting out, choosing the right spectrum (i.e. “broad” or “full) boils down to how well does your pet do on full spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil? Do they respond better to one than the other?  

Just remember, anytime you introduce a new product or substance to your body or your pet. You should consult your doctor or veterinarian. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing hemp oil to your pet, especially if they are currently using other products. 

Finally, the Hemp Seed Oil; 

I saved it last because if you read nothing at all. PLEASE READ THIS PART, there are many companies on the internet selling hemp seed oil as hemp extract. They are NOT THE SAME!!!. In fact one of the biggest hemp sellers on the internet today is selling hemp seed oil as hemp extract at unbelievably stupid high prices. Sure, you can make statements like they do about no THC. There is no THC in the seed oil of any plant! Not even the seeds of the supper high THC plants have THC in the oil. Okay, you can’t get high by looking at something but you get the point. If hemp seed oil is what you want then I recommend, Hemp Seed Oil Organic Pure 16 Oz/ 1 Pint $16.99 on Amazon. If you want high quality farm direct hemp extract. I recommend the products from CBDMAX.com.  

Full disclosure, CBDMAX.com is a supporter of my blog. Yes, if you buy from them, I get to keep this website up. But truthfully, deleting the website and never writing another blog. I am not going to loose my word over a blog. In country boy words, “That dog just won’t hunt”. 

In conclusion

That is the simple facts, Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil extracts are no longer a taboo substance. If you choose to use them, like many have, at least now you know. Full spectrum Has a little bit of THC and Broad Spectrum a lot less. How you decide is your personal preference, after all the pomp and flair, that’s what it boils down to. Whether you feel comfortable with minimal THC or not. Many people want the full profile of hemp oil that contains all the constituents, including THC. However, some people and more cautious folks new to these products and feel more comfortable with broad spectrum. 

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