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Why Hemp Extracts

Formulated as a topical pain relief, Myself and two other local farmers started growing hemp for extracts when it was first legalized in Oklahoma. All kidding aside, our first year was tough. We did harvest a few thousand pounds of hemp bud and enough seed to plant one more year.

Our second Field
That winter since we had enough hemp bud to extract but not enough to sell to the commercial markets I started reading about the extracts. The more I studied, the more convinced I became that if a topical rub was formulated right, people suffering from mild arthritis could have an economical choice.
As a young kid I remember my grandfather rubbing his hands in pain all most every night. Kids of that age just don’t understand why someone could not afford the medications that would make life better. But I do now and it is still sad to ask someone to choose between that and food. 
I teamed up with a retired pharmacist from Oklahoma City area. We added some natural oils as a complement to the hemp extracts. We pored it into little 2 oz flat tin containers that looked like shoe polish tins. No label no nothing, I handed it out to people around the area both friends and strangers. All most everyone wanted more and where could they buy it.  
By the time planting season rolled around the next year it was clear, people loved the simple little balm. The next winter we upgraded to a 2 oz roll-up container and worked out some labeling. I still like the 2 oz tin look. That 1950’s Leave it To Beaver look, but the roll-up is a lot easier to apply. 

Enjoy Shopping at CBDMAX.com we have added a lot of other products but they were all created with the same great Goal.

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  1. My wife started giving one of her dogs 12 yr. old Sadie she was having trouble running and could not jump like she did when she was young. Joy gave her 2 drops every other day for a week then cut it to one drop every 3 days. Sadie was not the same dog she could jump and she was running like she had not in years. That was 6 mo. ago Joy stopped giving the drops for about 5 mo. and Sadie was back to where she was, started back one drop every other day about 2 weeks ago now Sadie can run with dogs 10 years younger than her she seems happy and lover to rough house with younger dogs. Thank you CBD Max from Joy and Sadie.

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